Steve Wiener Steve Wiener began his career in sales at age 20 selling typewriters in Brooklyn, New York.  After three years he moved to the field of Medial Electronics where he began his life of Leadership as a Sales Manager.

He found his niche in the automobile industry beginning as an entry level salesman.  Once again he stepped into leadership as Manager where his love for people and the car business kept him busy until he retired in 2001.  Retirement didn’t last long for Steve as he quickly realized that he had so much love for the business that he came out of retirement and has been helping people buy and lease cars ever since!

Having developed relationships with numerous car dealerships throughout his extensive, successful career in sales, Steve has made car buying as simple as a phone call.

An expert in his field, Steve continues to maintain his business as a car broker and is passionate about teaching others how to be successful in sales of any kind.

He is the author of You Might Want to Listen to The Old Guy! A Guide to Professional Selling (CLICK HERE for your copy today).

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